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Oncology esthetics is a growing international field that aims to help cancer patients effectively and gently treat their skin during cancer treatment.  



Chemotherapy and radiation can cause numerous unpleasant and difficult side effects on the skin.

For example skin can become very dry and sensitive due to chemotherapy.


Nails can become brittle, discolored, and even flake off.  Radiation can burn the skin and cause rashes.   

Oncology esthetics aims to help cancer patients relax and gently treat their skin in order to help rejuvenate both physically and emotionally. Home skincare advice is also an integral part of oncology esthetics.

Cancer oncology esthetics Israel

Why Receive a Spa Service During Cancer Treatment?

It is amazing how the simple act of touch can have a positive and healing effect on the human body.  


When you are feeling physically and mentally depleted from fighting cancer taking the time to have a gentle spa service can have both positive spiritual and physical effects on the body.

I have been trained treat the skin of patients undergoing cancer treatment and can help you cope with any skin conditions that may arise while receiving treatment for cancer.  Additionally I can give advice about how to care for your skin at home while it is compromised from treatments.


Above all, if you are feeling well enough to receive a spa service while undergoing cancer treatment taking that time to allow someone else to care

and pamper you will help you relax and feel better.

I also have a Facebook page, in Hebrew, devoted entirely to the subject of Oncology Esthetics.  There you can find tips about how to care for your skin while undergoing cancer treatment.

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