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I love being an esthetician because it gives me a chance to help others not only look fantastic but feel great as well.


Originally from the Chicago area, I currently live in Kfar Saba, Israel with my family.


My reasons for becoming an esthetician were very personal ones.  I suffered from terrible acne as a teenager and experienced first hand the debilitating self-esteem issues that arise from having less than perfect skin.  In my own quest to discover the best way to care for my skin, I realized that if I became an esthetician not only could I help myself look better, but i could also help others look and feel their best. Working as an esthetician gives me great satisifaction especially when I see the physical and emotional benefits my hands on treatments and personal attention give my clients.


I went to esthetics school in the Chicago area, graduating in 2009 and worked as an esthetician for a plastic surgeon in Illinois before moving back to Israel in August, 2012.  In May, 2012 I was certified in Oncology Esthetics by Touch for Cancer.

I have also taken medical esthetics and advanced skin peeling courses.  I attended Nail Studio in Israel to learn to do manicures and pedicures.


In addition to my skincare expertise and nail services I also offer waxing services.


Since 2010 I have been writing the skincare blog Ask an Esthetician which has reached thousands of readers all over the world who are curious about how to best care for their skin.  From September, 2014 until August, 2017 I was the skincare expert for

The photography for my site was done by Tali Dovrat.


Call today for an appointment 054-599-1688


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